Friday, September 3, 2010

Demon's Souls. Hot damn.

Been a few days since I've updated. Having just started this blog, I'm sure you all can understand xD

Now, I know I've said that I'm a 360 gamer, but I must bring up what is, quite possibly, my favorite RPG of all time.

I'm speaking of course, about Demon's Souls, a (sadly) PS3 exclusive.

That pretty damn difficult. Not in a bad way, either. It makes you get better by forcing you to memorize tactics, pay attention to your stamina, yada yada. Essentially, it's like playing a Legend of Zelda game (with the Z-targeting, rolling, attacking during that half-second of weakness, then rolling away again), but for more hardcore players.

Here's a fantastic review of it:

If anyone has played it, I'm sure you can agree with me that it's awesome as fuck. If you haven't, it's ALMOST worth getting a PS3 for this game alone. I mean, there's hardly anything else going for the PS3, heh.